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Alex Ghazal, D.M.D.



Welcome to our Office at Laurel Manor

Alex Ghazal, DMD has been providing specialty endodontic care to the The Villages, Clermont, Leesburg, Mount Dora, Lady Lake, and Ocala residents since 2002. Excellence, quality care, and comfort of our patients are the primary concerns and goals of our practice. Our practice has invested heavily into technically advanced endodontic equipment. This equipment not only reduces our patients procedure time but it also increases the quality and predictability of the final endodontic result.


Our practice philosophy is to bring a level of customer service to the Central Florida region that is unsurpassed. We appreciate that you or your general dentist have selected our office, and we assure you that we will make every effort to make your visit comfortable.

Our Mission:

We provide World Class Endodontic Service in an atmosphere of Special Patient Care while utilizing advanced technology. We employ a proactive staff that embodies good humor, style, and an overwhelming attention to Patient Care. We ensure a positive caring environment while maintaining exceptional professionalism in Endodontics. In doing so, we assist our patient to a higher level of oral health and overall well being.