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 Dr.Alex Ghazal
Dr. Ghazal attended the University of Laval Dental School in Quebec City, Canada where he graduated with honors in 1994. He recieved both the Achievement Award in Endodontics from the AAE and the Academy of General Dentistry's Outstanding Student Achievement Award.
Upon completion of dental school, Alex practiced as a successful General Dentist in private practice for six years. His interest in root canals promoted him to persue a specialty degree in Endodontics.
Following six years of private practice, Dr.Ghazal attended The University of Florida Department of Endodontics where he graduated in 2002. Dr.Ghazal completed a research project on the "Cleaning Efficacy of two Endodontic Systems" and was fortunate enough to present his fidings at the FNDC. Alex's training at the University of Florida Department of Endodontics was exceptional using state of the art equipment, techniques and being microscope trained.
Dr.Ghazal is currently a member of the American Association of Endodontics, The Florida Association of Endodontics, The American Dental Association and The Lake County Dental Association.
Alex is the proud father of three little boys and is happily married to his wife Christine. On his days out of the office he enjoys spending time with his family and teaching his children sports and bringing them out to Disney for a special day.
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