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Keeping Your Natural Teeth 

Most people during their lifetime will experience some degree of oral discomfort due to natural dental distress. Long ago, the standard procedure was to remove teeth that were problematic.
Today, Dr.Ghazal utilizes the latest technology and improved knowledge that allows us to preserve natural teeth and provide a long lasting solution for the patient.
Our expert use of microscopes, digital x-rays, and advanced computerized practice management ensures recovery of even the most difficult cases. We are dedicated to giving you excellent Endodontic treatment and care.

What is Endodontics?

Dr. Alex Ghazal Excellence in Endodontics is a dental specialty practice, dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of diseases involving the pulp and its supporting tissue. Endodontics is the Dental specialty that deals primarily with:

  • Prevention of future pain and/or infection
  • Cessation of current episodes of pain and/or infection.


Modern Endodontic therapy is typically performed under the operating microscope, which allows complete visualization of the main and accessory root canal system, and requires a high degree of skill and training. High resolution digital X-rays aid the restoring Dentist in determining the proper restoration for the tooth, before the patient returns to their referring office.